TOP 13 | Alternative Halloween Hits

HALLOWEEN IS COMING, the goose is getting fat, and we’re busy stockpiling produce from Pound-Savers to deter marauding trick-or-treaters from pumping untreated effluent through the Rogue letterbox.

To celebrate this most spooky of seasons, and of course the upcoming Rogue Halloween Hoedown, here is the ultimate guide to soundtracking your Halloween, and not a Ray Parker Jr in sight!

13. Gravediggaz – Diary Of A Madman

There just isn’t enough horrorcore in this world. Gravediggaz’ 1994 album 6 Feet Deep bridged the cartoon De La-splatter of early ’90s old skool with the grit’n’fear of gangsta rap, creating a world of paranorma-fuelled crime and violence. In many ways, this horror-movie bent allowed the group to exploit OTT levels of gruesomeness compared to other rap albums from the era.

12. Peste Noire – Spleen

The metalheads out there may also know La Sale Famine De Valfunde (for that is his name) from dreamy metalgaze outfit Alcest. Peste Noire is anything but dreamy, unless your dreams regularly involve being chased through a pentagram-lit cornfield by some fucked up old witch, in which case I am concerned for you.

11. Hot Blood – Baby Frankenstein

Respite from Peste Noire, – a terrifically cheesy disco number to get your blood boiling.

10. Aural Exciters – Spooks In Space

“Mama said there’d be days like these, but she never told me about…” this classic from the super-cool era of mutant disco. Reminds me of that kids’ TV show with the skeletons.

9. Stanley Holloway – With ‘er ‘Ead Tucked Underneath ‘er Arm

A surprisingly haunting little ditty from the dark days of the ’30s. Entertainer Stanley Holloway recounts this creepy tale of a nogginless Anne Boleyn come back to haunt those who did her wrong.

8. The Shaggs – It’s Halloween

A terrifying, caterwauling noise, indeed. But while this young girl trio could barely hold a note, let alone play in time with one another, they still somehow managed to find their ways into the hearts of ooh.. at least 50 outsider music geeks around the world. And yeah, it’s not like playing everything completely out of tune did Captain Beefheart any harm.

NB: we won’t be playing this at Rogue.

7. Desmond Dekker – Dracula

A cautionary tale from the king of ska. “Not being Dracula” should be an integral deal breaker in every pre-nup.

6. The Sounds from the Well to Hell

Story goes this diabolical hubbub came from a Siberian borehole that was drilled so deeply it purportedly managed to break into some sort of Boschean afterlife dimension. Once the paroxysms and giddy “I told you so” faces from the hard-line US Christian contingent had died down, it turned out to be one of the best hoaxes ever. Try telling that to whoever posted this video.

5. The Skatalites – Skalloween

It seems that the vintage ska brigade were as fond of supernatural japery as they were bad puns. But who can resist a pun, let alone this classic piece of horn-driven madness? Had to be done really.

4. Scientist – Blood On His Lips

More vampire-related ghastliness from Jamaica, courtesy of dub-fiddler and King Tubby protege, Scientist. Scientist has always been a keen conceptualist, with albums celebrating heavyweight boxing, the World Cup, space invaders and the wild west. On Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires, he litters his creations with echo-laden horror movie screams and growls.

Scientist releases “Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space” on Tectonic in November.

3. Electric Wizard – I, The Witchfinder

Steeped in smoke and Suspiria, Electric Wizard’s impossibly-sludgy sound is at once crushing and terrifying. Turn this one up when the doorknockers come round and they’ll think they’ve woken Yog-Sothoth.

2. The Sonics – The Witch

Sixties proto-punks The Sonics certainly know which side of the pumpkin pie their toast is buttered on. (Whaaaat?!- ed.)

1. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – Look Out There’s A Monster Coming

Completely ridiculous. But then, that’s Halloween for you.

words by Charlie Frame

Rogue’s Halloween Hoedown featuring Aghast, Trailer Trash Orchestra, Arc Generator & Richy Spitz is on Saturday 30th October at Club 85, Hitchin.