The Rogue Radio Show has been broadcasting live 605x605__7263344from www.yorradio.co.uk, Bancroft House, Hitchin since late 2011 and we are pleased to present you with this podcast edition featuring original unsigned music, interviews and local music news from North Herts, Beds and beyond.

The show is hosted by an ever-revolving roster of Rogue champions including Matt Turner, Dan Nicholls, Matt Sanchez, Joshua Levitas and Ryan Moore, as well as featuring occasional guest djs.

All episodes can be downloaded here.  Automatic subscription is also available via the iTunes store for iPod/iPhone users.

Most of the artists featured on the show have at some point performed for Rogue at one of many nights held regularly at Hitchin’s Club 85 which have been running now since 2006.

Rogue are always on the lookout for new artists to play on the radio show as well as offering opportunities to perform live at Club 85 at one of our Rogue nights. So, if you are in a band, a singer-songwriter or producer then Rogue wants to hear from you!

Email tracks, info & queries to dan@roguemusic.co.uk.

The show can be streamed live via www.yorradio.co.uk.  Starting in 2103 the show will alternate between Mondays/Thursdays every week from 6:30pm.  Follow @rogue_music on twitter so you never miss a show: https://twitter.com/rogue_music

We also welcome listener feedback, suggestions and requests via twitter.

Stay up to date with all things Rogue on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rogue-Music-Hertfordshire/138818542822290

roguemusic.co.uk would like to thank the following people:

Aghast, Double Vision Sound System, Droome – for track snippets used in the opening audio ident.

Khan from Blackeye – voice on the opening audio ident.

Phil Power – voice on the closing audio ident.

Our very own Charlie Frame – for collaborating on the closing audio ident music.

Dianna, Joe and the people at http://www.yorradio.co.uk – for kindly providing us the means to create the show.


The ol’ Roguecast of yore…

In previous years we experimnted with podcasting of a slightly different format, these can be found below:

11th MARCH 2010

Roguecast logo

THE SECOND Rogue podcast is here!
To promote Rogue’s The Future is Broken, we’ve transcended the boundaries of time and space to bring you another half hour radio show, featuring artists performing at this Friday’s dystopian event of the trillenium!

Dan Nicholls (Ruxak & Shaedo) – From Russia with Dub
Monster Monster – Circuit Board City
To the Moon – A Halo
Charlie Frame (Ruxak & Shaedo) – Aznavour
Music from the year 2084 – Butterfly (with wings)
The Mavis Krank– The Evil Matador
Tom Power – Moving

CLICK HERE to stream the Roguecast directly from the net or right click and ‘Save’ to save it to your hard drive to listen to it later.

PRODUCED BY The Rogue Collective, Hitchin, UK.


16th NOVEMBER 2009

Roguecast logo

THE FIRST Rogue podcast is here!
To promote Rogue’s Victorian Fancy Dress Ball, we’ve put together a spiffing half hour radio show, presented by the formidable Lord Sir Colonel Henry Wooton-Bagley.

Chaos:Baby – HIV Barbie
Swanvesta Social Club – I Predict A Riot
Droome – Nighty Night [Live at the Kings Arms, Hitchin]
Aghast! – Bang to Rights
Lowki Vs Miss Twist – Silent Hill
Hazel Turnock Screaming Cockroach – Get Over Here And Fall In Love With Me
The Otters – Be Back Soon

CLICK HERE to stream the Roguecast directly from the net or right click and ‘Save’ to save it to your hard drive to listen to it later.

PRODUCED BY Dan Nicholls & Charlie Frame with thanks to Phil Power, Sound Arc Studios and of course all the bands involved.


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