The Rogue Radio Show New Year Shuffle!

The Rogue Collective have now enjoyed over a year of bringing you our weekly Rogue radio show with the kind help of our friends at  In 2013 there’s certainly no sign of us stopping, but there will be a few changes to the schedule as well as the introduction of new co-hosts and features.

To listen to our previous shows, click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.

Matt ‘Red’ Turner has taken a six month sabbatical to go traveling around Spain and at some point soon Matt Sanchez looks to be doing similar.  Dan Nicholls has also had a reshuffle in light of commitments to his band, Midnight Whisky Massacre, who we can hopefully see playing live in the months to come.  As a result we will now be alternating the day of the radio show on a weekly basis.

The show is set to return on Monday 7 January and will thereafter resume on Thursday 24 January, followed by alternating Mondays/Thursdays:

Monday 28 Jan
Thursday 7  Feb
Monday 11 Feb
Thursday 21 Feb

… and so on for the foreseeable future.

The show will run at its usual time each week, from approximately 18:30/19:00 – 20:30/21:00.  The podcast will continue to be released on an irregular, sort of monthly basis!  We will endeavor to announce each new podcast episode here on the blog as and when they are released.

As for the new features, well, the first Thursday show on 17 January will see Dan joined by Mr. Matt Smith, a touring stand-up comedian, music fan and long time friend of Dan and the collective.  We hope that Mr. Matt Smith will continue to join us on the digital airwaves thereafter, which seems likely given that he seems to have more than a few radio-friendly ideas.  We wait with baited breath.

We will still be working to bring you the latest in local music news, gigs and releases but hopefully now with a lot less dead air and a schedule to keep both us and our fans on our toes!  And if it’s all a bit too much to take in so early into the new year, fear not: we will continue to announce each broadcast and podcast on twitter in the preceding days to each event.

Here’s wishing you and your ears a happy new year from all of the Rogue collective!

To listen to our previous shows, click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.


Spandex Ballet for Xmas No.1 – Simon Cowell: Shit For Ears

X-FACTOR. LOVE IT or hate it, you’ve really gotta hate it. 

While Simon Cowell’s overblown karaoke contest continues to be mistaken for “music today” by people who otherwise take absolutely fuck-all notice of music today outside of what they see on ITV while scarfing down gobfuls of Doritos on a Saturday night, there are those who also believe that the Christmas Number 1 spot is something sacrosanct that ought to be filled by something more festive, more tasteful, less obviously in-your-face – Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ for example.

Messrs Chris Hollis and Leon Camfield aka Spandex Ballet are among the latter group, and this year they’ve gone one better and written their very own song for the winter season, festively titled ‘Simon Cowell: Shit For Ears’.

This could, of course, be a Machiavellian ploy to subvert us from voting for whoever the hell is involved with Cowell’s auto-tuned puppet show and to make Spandex Ballet very rich instead, but in this case we at Rogue are way behind it.

So do the world a favour – go out in your droves and buy this record and soon, SOON, we will see the waxy-faced nipple headed freak’s ego reduced to the size of a shrew:

Addendundumdum: Profits made from this single are actually going to Cancer Research – just one more reason to buy it. 

Crap Crab single launch w/ Sons Of Guns, Disco Zhivago + Beneath the Waves – this Fri 7th December at Club 85

INSTRUMENTAL post-punkers Crap Crab have teamed up with Anonymous Promotions for a special event at Club 85 to mark the launch of their debut single “Crab Riff”.

The bill features Hitchin electro-rockers Sons Of Guns who’ve been making huge waves with their new song and video for “I Slept In The Car”. Also supporting – two brand new bands who take to the stage for the first time: Stevenage pop-punks Beneath The Waves, and Hitchin-based odd-pop trio Disco Zhivago (featuring Rogue’s own Charlie Frame).


Skewed instrumental post rock party pop, like Devo but tighter and bouncier and funkier… Get yer pincers out!

Face-melting jumpalong electro-rock for fans of Crystal Castles, featuring members of Vanilla Nightmare and Frog Stupid
The Disco Zhivago boys unveil their weird-pop project. Start-stop-trip-you-up funky pop.
Another debut from Stevenage based five piece… Expect some punk, expect some pop, expect to be left out if you’re not down early!

Friday 7th December 2012
Doors 7:45, music from 8:15
16+ show (photo ID required)
Entry £5
Club 85, 74 Whinbush Road, Hitchin

Podcast | Mr. Speaker’s Christmas Single

We had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Donovan of Mr. Speaker about their newly released Christmas album and original Christmas single, Its Christmas Time.  All in aid of raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis on behalf of the MS Trust – a charity very close to the band’s heart. 

The interview was originally aired on our radio show on Monday 3 December 2012 and is now available for download as part of our regular podcast series.

Listen to the interview and hear the Christmas single here.

CA Guitarworks maintenance and repair, Baldock

GUITARISTS! If you’re feeling slightly empty and sick following the closure of Hitchin’s sadly-missed MachineHead guitar centre, never fear.

While we wait patiently for a new local guitar shop to open, your guitar maintenance needs can be sated by a new start-up, CA Guitarworks in Baldock. A bit off the beaten track (quite literally it turns out), we nevertheless took the Rogue communal Ibanez down to Chris Andrews’ workshop on North Road where we watched the man in action. I have never seen someone restring an acoustic guitar so quickly, quite frankly. Handing over the electric, he worked his magic and it was returned to us within a couple of days rejigged, restrung and sounding better than new.

Judging by the number of plaques and certificates on the wall, we can confirm that the guy knows guitars inside and out, so if your rock machine needs a bit of TLC take it down to CA and see what he can do.

CA Guitarworks,
Unit 3, Mill Valley,
North Road,

MINIRIG – the Lightweight Portable Speaker that’s Louder than HELL!

WE DON’T often do product reviews here at Rogue, but with Christmas just round the corner we’ll make an exception. If you’re struggling to find something for the music lover in your life look no further than this nifty little speaker from

The Bristol-based manufacturer, known simply as David, cut his teeth designing huge soundsystems. While the Minirig might not be as big, it’s extremely powerful – and I mean EXTREMELY powerful. About the size of a large mug of tea, the speaker comes in a neat little zip-up case (especially handy for transporting and keeping hold of jack leads). I plugged my iPhone in via the auxiliary (there are two outputs for high and low impedance) and cranked up the volume. I’m telling you it is INSANE. I had to check I hadn’t accidentally plugged my home stereo in because the walls were shaking. Unlike a lot of smaller speakers, Minirig does not distort at high volumes and even at max loudness it fails to produce anything less than clear sound.

I’ve used this little fella all summer – in the garden, in the kitchen, even in the car and I’m still amazed at how great it sounds. You can charge it via USB and the battery lasts flipping hours. I must have fully recharged mine only about 4 or 5 times in the last six months.

A snip at just under £100, which is cheaper than a lot of similar products out there that don’t do half as good a job.

For more info go to:

Rogue presents: DEAD FAMOUS – Halloween Party at Club 85, Hitchin this Saturday 27th October

** Discounted Tickets: **

ROGUE presents our annual Halloween Party

Deceased Celebrity Ball
Club 85, Hitchin
Sat 27th October

CODA – Fangtastic Live Dubstep Band!

THE ZIPHEADS – Spookabilly Rot’n’Roll!

DYING INSIDE – with Felix, the Demon Barber of Hermitage Rd!

(no website, but are you surprised?)

VANILLA NIGHTMARE – Ice Cream, You Scream!

DJs: Dog Latin & Fee-Line

Roll out the blood red carpet… Rogue Music is proud to present our third annual Halloween Party, and this one looks set to be the most ghoulish yet.

Following last year’s Dia De Los Muertos extravaganza, we made a pact with the devil. In return for putting on some of the best live acts in the business we’ve accidentally awakened the cult of the celeb.

For one night only you will walk with the stars – Elvis LIVES!, his guts spilling out of his belly like so much raw mincemeat.

There’s Amy Winehouse – the only thing that’s gonna send her back to rehab this time is a shotgun and a silver bullet.

Steve Irwin is back, stalking guests from a watery grave – loving the new blowhole Stevo!

Expect games, thrills and spills, oh – and did we mention some awesome music while we’re at it? If you haven’t seen Coda yet, you really should – even if dubstep’s not your thing we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if it really REALLY isn’t your thing, we have the magnificent talents of The Zipheads, Dying Inside and Vanilla Nightmare – all of which are unmissable.

Doors: 8pm – 1am (don’t be late – we won’t wait)

Tickets: £6 advance, £7.50 on the door
tw: @rogue_music

Coda Dubstep

Vanilla Nightmare