THE LOWDOWN | A Healthy Sound For Healthy Listening: The Music of Welwyn Garden City

CHECK OUT THIS compilation that’s just been released on Welwyn Garden City’s Cupboard Music. A Healthy Sound For Healthy Listening is awash with Rogue favourites.

Cupboard Music - A Healthy Sound For Healthy Living

From local stars The Subways, to recent Rogue performer Hazel Turnock, the weird and wonderful Otters (in reggae mode on this one) and the equally weird and no-less-wonderful To The Moon – whether you’re from the area or not, the quality of what’s on offer here hugely dwarfs the measly asking price of just £3.

01. The Bush The Tree & Me – I’m Better

02. Bozwood – (Murder At) Fresh & Wild

03. Redmaxx – Does It Feel Like Home?

04. Tom Stallard – Playdough Knife

05. Thousand Autumns – Terrified

06. Teflon Child – Ineffable

07. Kicking Nines – What A Day

08. The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets – Cancer Mountain

09. To The Moon – LHC (A Halo)

10. Hazel Turnock & the Screaming Cockroaches – Get Over Here and Fall In Love With Me

11. Alan Cowley – More Comical Than Tragic

12. Nya Shelley – River Past My Door

13. Manamucova – Current Climate

14. The Subways – 1am (2003 Demo)

15. Killing Seymour – Dead Loving Girl

16. The City Divided – Narcissus & I

17. Heights – Empires

18. Arrows Down – The Saps

19. The Otters – Heresy

20. Bonny Kate – Hares on the Mountain

21. P.P. Dog – The Westminster Panda Eyes Song

It’s very simple – if you like great music and want to support one of the most passionate communities in the home counties, just click on and get your mitts on a copy.


THE LOWDOWN | The Mavis Krank

“HEY GUYS,” WE hear you cry, “we’re really psyched about your upcoming dystopian-themed live event, The Future Is Broken, but what are the bands like?”

Well, we’ve got a top line-up in store, incorporating the superb To The Moon, arcade mayhem from Monster Monster and of course the talented troubadour Tom Power.

But one band we’re especially excited to have grace the stage at Club 85 are the awesome power-trio The Mavis Krank.

Some of you may remember Brad Benford, bassist with those steam-punk psychos Droome who kicked things off at Rogue’s Victorian Ball.

The Krank are an entirely different beast, dishing out an onslaught of instrumental post-rock and metal designed to sear the skin off your face.

This video mash-up by talented editor Mark Garvey speaks for itself. Enjoy…

If you wanna hear more Mavis Krank, go visit their MySpace. Go on, do it!

THE LOWDOWN | Chaos:Baby

Chaos Baby

Chaos Baby

Saturday’s headliners at Rogue’s Victorian Ball are, rough, ready and uncompromising. It’s been a long time coming, but finally Hitchin has a punk band to be reckoned with. Introducing Chaos:Baby…

BELIEVE IT or not, this will be the first time the female-fronted Bucklersbury punks grace the stage at Club 85.

And though they’ve garnered huge acclaim in just a short time, this is also apparently to be their last gig before retiring to their respective bedsits to concentrate on writing new material – so catch them while you can before this band go supernova!

Chaos:Baby dispense with the ostensible angst and polished playing so common on today’s rock scene, replacing it with the more righteous, riotous hardcore sounds of their spiritual predecessors, Crass, The Slits, X-Ray Spex and the Banshees. In fact, you could say that chameleon-haired lead singer, Laura La Rox, is Hitchin’s own Siouxsie Sioux with dress sense and vocal cords to match!

Check out Chaos:Baby’s furious ‘HIV Barbie’ on Rogue’s Wireless Variety Broadcast, or visit their MySpace at for more tracks.


Chaos:Baby | Joe, Tim, Le Rox, George

Other links:

Facebook Fanpage

CHAOS:BABY headline Rogue’s Victorian Ball on Saturday 21st November at Club 85, Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

THE LOWDOWN | Lowki Vs. Miss Twist

OUR NEXT event looms ever closer. Yes Rogue’s Victorian Ball is less than a fortnight away, and boy are we excited!

A Dickensian theme, games, DJs and three of the mightiest acts to grace the stages of Hitchin – plus you get in for next to nothing if you dress the part!

To get you in the mood, we’ll be kicking off with the first in a series of band profiles – this time the mighty Lowki & Miss Twist who just happen to be playing on the 21st November at Club 85.

Miss it, miss out!

Miss Twist’s lightning vocal delivery makes for a pleasant.. err… twist on the largely male-dominated grime scene.

Backed up by the half-step bass-onslaught of Lowki’s dubstep productions, this is bang-up-to-date underground dance music from Hitchin via Brighton.

Twist tells us to expect a really eclectic set (a good thing, because that’s what we like here at Rogue Towers) and even mentioned digging out her guitar for a number or two! Expect the unexpected…

Check it: