Heroes & Villains – Mutant Sounds from the Italo Disco Era

Here’s a neat little mix of Italo and Mutant Disco-flavoured sounds from the early ’80s, as mixed by Rogue resident DJ Dog Latin.

Plenty of little gems in here, so enjoy!

Heroes & Villains – Mutant Italo Sounds by Doglatin on Mixcloud


1. Midnight Man – Flash & The Pan
2 Cowboys & Gangsters – Guichy Dan
3 The Black Hole – Methusalem
4 Zombie – Methusalem
5 The Ultimate Warlord – The Immortals
6 Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja – By Disco Dancer Soundtrack
7 Computerized Love – Savage
8 Vamos A La Playa – Righeira
9 Melody – Plustwo
10 Temporary Secretary – Paul Mccartney
11 Einstein A-Go-Go – Landscape
12 La Femme Chinoise – Yellow Magic Orchestra


New Mix by DJ Dog Latin – Footwork and Juke Showcase

Rogue resident DJ Dog Latin has uploaded a new mix to the web which you can stream below.

DJ Dog Latin – Icklefoot Mix (Footwork) by Doglatin on Mixcloud

Phillip D Kick / Ltj Bukem – Atlantis (Footwork Edit)
DJ Earl – Hit Da Boots
DJ Rashad – Fly Spray
Traxman – Let There Be Rockkkkk
DJ Rashad – Welcome 2 Da Chi
Traxman – Amilli Juked Out
Halp – Tic Tac Toe (Krampfahft Remix)
Aleph – Under A Layer Of Ice (Distal Footwork Remix)
Machinedrum – Nastyfuckk
Dream Continuum – B. Free
Throwing Snow – Too Polite (Feat Louis Vines)
Post Religion – Diamond Messages Vs. Naked Werewolf

MIX | Dog Latin Selector – Beat Salad

JUST A QUICK mix from Rogue resident DJ Dog Latin (aka Charlie Frame), this time pairing the unlikely bedfellows of ’80s post-electro with bang up-to-date dubstep.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it…


Dog Latin – Beat Salad by Doglatin on Mixcloud

MIXES | DJ Dog Latin – 2000-2003 Mix

CHECK OUT THIS mix by Rogue resident DJ Dog Latin.

Always a fan of mashing up the most diverse tunes, Dog Latin (aka Charlie Frame) takes everything from cheesy chart toppers to more obscure rock and electronica tunes to create a relentless mashup document of the early years from last decade.

“This started as an attempt to work through the entire decade from 2000 to 2009; 8 minutes a year so that it all fits on a CD.” said our intrepid beatsplicer, real name Charlie Frame, “It was exhausting as I don’t use anything more sophisticated than an old copy of Acid Pro, but if people like it I guess I could be tempted to finish it and do 2004-2009”.

Can you spot every sample? Click on the Soundcloud file below to stream or download.