MINIRIG – the Lightweight Portable Speaker that’s Louder than HELL!

WE DON’T often do product reviews here at Rogue, but with Christmas just round the corner we’ll make an exception. If you’re struggling to find something for the music lover in your life look no further than this nifty little speaker from

The Bristol-based manufacturer, known simply as David, cut his teeth designing huge soundsystems. While the Minirig might not be as big, it’s extremely powerful – and I mean EXTREMELY powerful. About the size of a large mug of tea, the speaker comes in a neat little zip-up case (especially handy for transporting and keeping hold of jack leads). I plugged my iPhone in via the auxiliary (there are two outputs for high and low impedance) and cranked up the volume. I’m telling you it is INSANE. I had to check I hadn’t accidentally plugged my home stereo in because the walls were shaking. Unlike a lot of smaller speakers, Minirig does not distort at high volumes and even at max loudness it fails to produce anything less than clear sound.

I’ve used this little fella all summer – in the garden, in the kitchen, even in the car and I’m still amazed at how great it sounds. You can charge it via USB and the battery lasts flipping hours. I must have fully recharged mine only about 4 or 5 times in the last six months.

A snip at just under £100, which is cheaper than a lot of similar products out there that don’t do half as good a job.

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