We’ve got a new club night, and it’s called NO APPEAL!

SO WE’VE been really enjoying putting on the occasional Rogue nights for you over the years, with all the bands and costumes and stage props and drunken stage banter; but we started getting misty-eyed for the old days when we would get a bunch of mates together with a bunch of records or CDs or MP3s or what-have-you and just have a piss-up.

That’s why we’ve decided to host a monthly session every first Thursday of the month at the Remix nightclub and bar in Hitchin, featuring knock-out tunes and cheap-as-chips entry.

Simply put, it’s an assortment of music from heavy metal to drum’n’bass dubstep, to indie rock and everything in between, from 8pm. The first one’s on Thursday 4th March and will cost a measly £3 to get in.