Podcast | Episode 7: Introducing Mr. Matt Smith

In this episode Dan is joined by new co-host and long time friend Mr. Matt Smith who brings along some new features as well as promoting his new monthly comedy night in Old Town Stevenage at Cinnabar, the first of which begins tonight (20 Feb 2013). Find out more at the following link:


Featuring music from:

Brocker – St. Albans Pop Punk
Hostages For Smack – Balstock Punkers
Double Vision Sound System – Arlsey Dub
Left Engine – Letchworth Alternative Indie Rockers


Podcast | Episode 6: Doggett & Ephgrave

Comedians Doggett & Ephgrave joined us in the studio before Christmas to wax lyrical about their monthly Mostly Comedy nights in Hitchin, which wraps up nicely with a trip down memory lane for us all!

Host Matt ‘Red’ Turner says his farewells as this is, sadly, his last show for a while.

Featuring music from:

Sons Of Guns
Hostages For Smack
Kilto Take
Indie & The Vegas
Stu O’Connor
The Astronauts

Find the podcast here! You can also subscribe via the iTunes store!

Our next LIVE broadcast will be on Thursday 24 January from approximately 6:30/7pm.  To listen simply follow this link and click on the the listen banner.

The Rogue Radio Show New Year Shuffle!

The Rogue Collective have now enjoyed over a year of bringing you our weekly Rogue radio show with the kind help of our friends at yorradio.co.uk.  In 2013 there’s certainly no sign of us stopping, but there will be a few changes to the schedule as well as the introduction of new co-hosts and features.

To listen to our previous shows, click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.

Matt ‘Red’ Turner has taken a six month sabbatical to go traveling around Spain and at some point soon Matt Sanchez looks to be doing similar.  Dan Nicholls has also had a reshuffle in light of commitments to his band, Midnight Whisky Massacre, who we can hopefully see playing live in the months to come.  As a result we will now be alternating the day of the radio show on a weekly basis.

The show is set to return on Monday 7 January and will thereafter resume on Thursday 24 January, followed by alternating Mondays/Thursdays:

Monday 28 Jan
Thursday 7  Feb
Monday 11 Feb
Thursday 21 Feb

… and so on for the foreseeable future.

The show will run at its usual time each week, from approximately 18:30/19:00 – 20:30/21:00.  The podcast will continue to be released on an irregular, sort of monthly basis!  We will endeavor to announce each new podcast episode here on the blog as and when they are released.

As for the new features, well, the first Thursday show on 17 January will see Dan joined by Mr. Matt Smith, a touring stand-up comedian, music fan and long time friend of Dan and the collective.  We hope that Mr. Matt Smith will continue to join us on the digital airwaves thereafter, which seems likely given that he seems to have more than a few radio-friendly ideas.  We wait with baited breath.

We will still be working to bring you the latest in local music news, gigs and releases but hopefully now with a lot less dead air and a schedule to keep both us and our fans on our toes!  And if it’s all a bit too much to take in so early into the new year, fear not: we will continue to announce each broadcast and podcast on twitter in the preceding days to each event.

Here’s wishing you and your ears a happy new year from all of the Rogue collective!

To listen to our previous shows, click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.

Podcast | Mr. Speaker’s Christmas Single

We had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Donovan of Mr. Speaker about their newly released Christmas album and original Christmas single, Its Christmas Time.  All in aid of raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis on behalf of the MS Trust – a charity very close to the band’s heart. 

The interview was originally aired on our radio show on Monday 3 December 2012 and is now available for download as part of our regular podcast series.

Listen to the interview and hear the Christmas single here.

Podcast | Episode #1 Hello from Hitchin

The Rogue Radio Show has been broadcasting live on Monday nights from www.yorradio.co.uk, Bancroft House, Hitchin since late 2011 and we are pleased to be able to present to you this podcast edition featuring original unsigned music, interviews and local music news from North Herts, Beds and beyond.

The show is hosted by an ever-revolving roster of Rogue champions including Matt Turner, Dan Nicholls, Matt Sanchez, Joshua Levitas and Ryan Moore, as well as featuring occasional guest djs.

‘Episode #1 Hello from Hitchin’ can be downloaded here. Automatic subscription will also be available via iTunes for all you smartphone enthusiasts and iTunes users – as soon as this is ready we’ll update this article.

Most of the artists featured on the show have at some point performed for Rogue at one of many nights held regularly at Hitchin’s Club 85 which have been running now since 2006. Rogue are always on the lookout for new artists to play on the radio show as well as offering opportunities to perform live at Club 85 at one of our Rogue nights. So, if you are in a band, a singer-songwriter or producer then Rogue wants to hear from you!

Email tracks, info & queries to dan@roguemusic.co.uk.

As mentioned the show can be streamed live via www.yorradio.co.uk (most) Mondays from 6:30pm. follow @rogue_music on twitter so you never miss a show: https://twitter.com/rogue_music

We also welcome listener feedback, suggestions and requests via twitter.

Stay up to date with all things Rogue on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rogue-Music-Hertfordshire/138818542822290

Episode #2 will be available next week and we very much endevour to make this a regular podcast.

roguemusic.co.uk would like to thank the following people:

Aghast, Double Vision Sound System, Droome – for track snippets used in the opening audio ident.

Khan from Blackeye – voice on the opening audio ident.

Phil Power – voice on the closing audio ident.

Our very own Charlie Frame – for collaborating on the closing audio ident music.

Dianna, Joe and the people at http://www.yorradio.co.uk – for kindly providing us the means to create the show.

PIETY | Techno-Notice

DAN THE MAN HAS a plan… But do we think he can?  No phone, PC, TV or Xbox for seven days to raise money for the UK Autism Foundation and prove wrong his network of incredulous technophiles!  Roguemusic.co.uk finds out more!

After posing my plan, of going one week without my phone, to my facebook network, I came to realise that there aren’t many people out there who would be willing to entertain the idea, or who have any faith in anyone else completing what should be a simple challenge.

This factor annoyed me slightly – are we really so reliant on the gadgets and gizmos that we OWN for convenience? Or do these same artefacts of progress actually OWN us?  That’s the funny thing about attachments: the more we endeavour to control and dominate our environment, the more our environment tends to control and dominate us. But of course we’d never actually admit this. I was further perturbed to learn that previous attempts by others to achieve a similar goal, in various parts of the world, had ended in failure. This to me seemed absurd!

As a child of the nineties I bore witness to a lifestyle that seemed to be trundling along quite nicely, without the aid of mobile phones, email and the constant, instant intrusion of device generated tones and bleeps; days that were slower in pace I’m sure, but only by today’s standards; If I missed your call on the landline, you’d call me back if it was important, or even better, write a letter!  These days we live like doctors-on-call, and with no retaining fee!  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not shirking the technological age, I embrace it.

But I also embrace that place we came from: naked, vulnerable, with only our anatomy and dexterity to aid us in daily life; the primitive man whom, were it not for him, we would not even be here to appreciate such a modern civilisation.

So, as of Monday 22 November I intend to power down my phone, as well as some other similar machines, and live a simpler life for one week. The emphasis here is on the more modern devices used for convenience and entertainment – computer, television, amplification, x box, etc.  Amenities such as the bath and washing machine are ok but anything that allows me to have a bit of fun and requires power is quite forbidden.

The only exception will be my work computer which I need to send emails from. Unfortunately I still have to pay the bills and I cannot take any time off work to do this. I will certainly not be using it for any personal reasons however. I hope, in light of this stipulation, that people do not see this as a half-cocked attempt. I still think this will be quite a challenge!

I will be pretty much uncontactable for the whole week, so I urge my friends and family to knock on my door should they wish to see me, or write me a letter, should a message be important.  I am already anxious in anticipation (to my surprise) but I have enough books, and I can still play my acoustic guitar. I can also keep a log of my experience using a pencil and paper, which I will do.

Thanks for reading,  and please feel free to donate. All proceeds to UK Autism Foundation.

ASTROLOGY | Technical Difficulties

Today the Sun joins a retrograde Mercury in Virgo, so I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to any Virgo natives reading this, it should be an interesting month for you all! Be patient however, birthday cards may very well get lost in the post. Or that new phone may need to be sent back for repairs due to some kind of fault: Many happy returns!

Meet Sanchez. A member of The Rogue Collective; promoter and visuals-executive, born with the Sun in the sign of Virgo. Here we can see him busy tending to the video projection for the stage at Saturday’s Feck the 90’s night at Club 85, Hitchin. Despite the huge success of the evening, which included fine performances from Ministers Dead, Martell, and the fantastic Gideon Conn, proceedings were beset with technological issues regarding the visuals, which indeed reflects the current Mercury retrograde occurring in Sanchez’s native sign of Virgo. The picture was taken amidst the frantic clicks and futile reboots of the offending laptop, efforts that were sadly to no avail. Do not be fooled by his apparent cool demeanour; beneath this facade lies frustration, the kind of frustration only a machine can evoke in a human being. You can see (below) what we had to contend with for the first portion of the evening. In the end we settled for a generic media player kaleidoscope. Perhaps I should have forewarned Sanchez of the trickster’s pending plans, especially with his sign having front row seats for this particular retrograde. There’s something of the trickster in me though; having a retrograde Mercury in my own birth chart, I quite enjoy watching the chaos ensue around me during these flustered times of upheaval.