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Rogue is an independent collective of creative people based in Hitchin, North Hertfordshire. Most of us work in offices and call centres by day, but by night we organise live events, record podcasts, make documentaries, write articles, draw and design artwork and just generally gad around pretending we’re making a contribution to the world


Charlie Frame hit upon the idea of putting on a small DJ night above the George pub on Bucklersbury – also the birthplace of the excellent Stink Like Sock dubstep night – in summer 2006. The first night was billed as strictly house and techno, but the dance-oriented mood didn’t quite take off. Seeing an opportunity to expand Rogue’s horizons, the next night invited DJs of all calibres, from amateur to pro, to spin pretty much anything they liked. The mix of pop, alternative, dance, hip hop and reggae was an overnight hit and soon we moved our operation to larger premises, including the Remix nightclub on Hermitage Road (née the Hermitage Ballroom) and Club 85 on Whinbush Road. The Rogue nights have gone from strength to strength and now incorporate live music, games and fancy dress themes. We ave been privileged to welcome live acts such as Gideon Conn, Damo Suzuki, Drum Eyes, General Bovine & the Justice Force 5, Roxy Rawson, Freudstein, Phil Power, the New Town Centres, Aghast, AGT Rave Cru, Chaos Baby, Droome, Lowki and Miss Twist through our doors.


While Rogue started out as a club night, we also produce an online blog which is soon to incorporate a podcast and video documentary. Basically we’ve got so many ideas it would be foolish to list them all here. Just check the blog for new stuff.


As a collective, things are pretty loose and people come and go as they please, helping out here and there. Over the years we’ve seen myriad contributors getting involved. Some people who have been involved with Rogue are listed here:


Charlie FrameCHARLIE STARTED Rogue as a means of getting his DJ mixes played out to his friends.

Going under the monikers Dog Latin and Book Shiv, he uses laptop applications to weave a tapestry of eclectic music, often with over 40 tracks being sampled in a three quarter hour set.

In his spare time he writes music reviews for Rogue as well as Clash magazine, undertakes ridiculous DJ projects (now working on an 80-minute retrospective of the noughties, with 8-minutes allocated per year).

He also doubles as a Jamie Oliver look-a-like, a fact he is not proud of.


danlossROGUE’S VERY OWN astrologer relies on the collective to help hone his unique genius.

To say this model Aquarian has his head in the clouds is a gross understatement! Dan communes with the planets on a daily basis, motivated by his penchant for what makes people tick, he feels most at home being part of something greater than himself.

As a victim of his own erratic mood swings, the collective have learned to give this man a wide berth (if hugging him to death proves ineffective), attributing the disposition as a sort of side-effect of (or even the antennae for) the raw flashes of glorious insight Dan receives intermittently.

In his defence you will occasionally hear him spout the adage “Kill my daemons and my angels die too!” as if this somehow makes-good the flippant torment the rest of us must endure!

When he isn’t floating in space, Dan throws himself into producing music, having been involved in a multitude of home recording projects with Charlie; whilst taking advantage of the vast musical talent Hitchin has to offer.

More recently Dan has been involved in journalism, live recording and production for the Rogue Radio Podcast.

As his tenure as front man for local Ska-core legends, Weightloss, slows to a snails pace, the kind of sound Dan finds himself immersed in lately has shifted to the prehistoric Godzilla-like stomp of Dubstep.

Dan forms one-fifth of the G20 Sound System: Rogue’s right arm and remote media production node.


MATT BEGAN working on the local music scene when he was 15, simply by sneaking into Hitchin’s Club 85 and making himself useful.

Soon he was adopted into the shadowy cabal of Live Circuit (of which he is still a member) a team solely dedicated to the continuing existence of a cohesive music scene in Herts, over the past few years helping to put on countless gigs at various venues around the area, giving bands such as Enter Shikari and My Passion their first headline shows in the area.

An addict of the human’s capacity for creativity, Matt has been described as ‘the man behind the scenes with his fingers in the pies’. He works officially as a stage manager and sound engineer for Club 85 and for Planet Angel in London which unfortunately he’s not really allowed to tell you about, but some have speculated that he may also do more than he lets on.

Inspired by the Transmetropolitan comics and the works of Hunter S Thompson, Matt has begun to pursue a wider field of journalism in order to turn the inside of his head into something tangible. This includes writing his own short stories, music reviews, interviews and articles on everything from the fetish scene to his encounter with the female version of himself on the London underground. He currently writes for Repeat fanzine Cambridge, Albion to Arcadia, Room-13, Hitchin Gigs and has also penned articles for music-zine.co.uk, Big Cheese and Bizarre

Most recently, Matt has become the regional correspondent for Herts and Beds for
The-Fly and so it is up to him to gather news about our little corner of the pond and send it to be read across the country. So if you have any pressing news please get in touch.

Despite his short stature, Matt continues to grow and experiment, recently taking up DJ-ing the old-fashioned way on actual records (ask your dad) and continuing on the knowledge he learnt at university producing dubstep/trip hop at the G20 studios when he finds the time. He is also working to become more involved with the Rhythms of the World music festival held annually in Hitchin.

Sharing the same birthday as Dan gives him many of the same traits and aspirations, creating a united leftfield front within Rogue itself with the exception that he has never gotten around to fronting a ska punk band because he would be just terrible at it.

When he grows up Matt would quite like to be a mixture of Stephen Fry, Spider Jerusalem and Hunter S Thompson.


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  1. bishops stortford coming soon [indulgence] squab ,claypigeonband, the skints .getting this line up was hard work. with the added spice reeps 1 [uk beatbox champ 2009] from squab your mc

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