The Rogue Radio Show New Year Shuffle!

The Rogue Collective have now enjoyed over a year of bringing you our weekly Rogue radio show with the kind help of our friends at  In 2013 there’s certainly no sign of us stopping, but there will be a few changes to the schedule as well as the introduction of new co-hosts and features.

To listen to our previous shows, click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.

Matt ‘Red’ Turner has taken a six month sabbatical to go traveling around Spain and at some point soon Matt Sanchez looks to be doing similar.  Dan Nicholls has also had a reshuffle in light of commitments to his band, Midnight Whisky Massacre, who we can hopefully see playing live in the months to come.  As a result we will now be alternating the day of the radio show on a weekly basis.

The show is set to return on Monday 7 January and will thereafter resume on Thursday 24 January, followed by alternating Mondays/Thursdays:

Monday 28 Jan
Thursday 7  Feb
Monday 11 Feb
Thursday 21 Feb

… and so on for the foreseeable future.

The show will run at its usual time each week, from approximately 18:30/19:00 – 20:30/21:00.  The podcast will continue to be released on an irregular, sort of monthly basis!  We will endeavor to announce each new podcast episode here on the blog as and when they are released.

As for the new features, well, the first Thursday show on 17 January will see Dan joined by Mr. Matt Smith, a touring stand-up comedian, music fan and long time friend of Dan and the collective.  We hope that Mr. Matt Smith will continue to join us on the digital airwaves thereafter, which seems likely given that he seems to have more than a few radio-friendly ideas.  We wait with baited breath.

We will still be working to bring you the latest in local music news, gigs and releases but hopefully now with a lot less dead air and a schedule to keep both us and our fans on our toes!  And if it’s all a bit too much to take in so early into the new year, fear not: we will continue to announce each broadcast and podcast on twitter in the preceding days to each event.

Here’s wishing you and your ears a happy new year from all of the Rogue collective!

To listen to our previous shows, click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.


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