CA Guitarworks maintenance and repair, Baldock

GUITARISTS! If you’re feeling slightly empty and sick following the closure of Hitchin’s sadly-missed MachineHead guitar centre, never fear.

While we wait patiently for a new local guitar shop to open, your guitar maintenance needs can be sated by a new start-up, CA Guitarworks in Baldock. A bit off the beaten track (quite literally it turns out), we nevertheless took the Rogue communal Ibanez down to Chris Andrews’ workshop on North Road where we watched the man in action. I have never seen someone restring an acoustic guitar so quickly, quite frankly. Handing over the electric, he worked his magic and it was returned to us within a couple of days rejigged, restrung and sounding better than new.

Judging by the number of plaques and certificates on the wall, we can confirm that the guy knows guitars inside and out, so if your rock machine needs a bit of TLC take it down to CA and see what he can do.

CA Guitarworks,
Unit 3, Mill Valley,
North Road,



  1. Ive had a few of my guitars repaired and some refinishing work done by CA Guitarworks and i have to say they are the best in the business.

    I wouldnt even think about going elsewhere now, Chris truely knows his stuff and as stated above has the certificates and training to prove it.

  2. I know CAG did alot of Machineheads major repairs and fretwork as the guys in the shop could only do setups.
    Chris would work in the shop on some occasions which was good as it gave an insight in to the person repairing your instrument.
    His work is second to none and i will vouch for that.
    Some of the work ive seen hung on the wall is truely amazing and can bring any guitar back to life

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