This is going to be a right HOOT!

This weekend heralds a barnstorming Saturday night at Club 85, Hitchin – a fundraiser for this year’s Rhythms Of The World festival.

England aren’t playing, so it’ll be well worth getting down early for the sublime funk-pop of Everyone Always Does. Rogue had a chance to catch the five members supporting Sons Of Guns and There Were Bears at the Letchworth Arena Tavern the other week, and we have to say they are mindblowing. Formed from the ashes of local faves Pilot the Fusion and Sodascream, each member is a technical powerhouse, mixing elements of funk, dub, soul and rock, with riffs stronger and catchier than the full-blown flu. Needless to say, we are big fans.

They’ll be followed by bleached-out blues rockers, Killing Fields Of Ontario, whose name and heady Americana style betrays the fact they’re from the Herts/Beds axis, but never mind. Their song ‘Cloud’ was recently played on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing mixtape.

Next up are hoedown heroes and Rogue faves CC Smugglers. Often described as a blues/roots band, the Smugglers’ unique style of skiffly upright bass shenanigans is transcends this narrow genre description – we just call it great, fun, irresistible music!

Rogue has to admit we haven’t yet caught Pirton’s oldest sons, Fruition, in their new guise, but fond memories of their days as staples of the local circuit are making us a little bit excited in our pants.

An unbeatable lineup and all for a good cause as proceeds go towards running this year’s Rhythms of the World festival. Ah yeah!


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  1. Sounds great. I’m off at the moment and will do my best to get down.

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