LOCAL | Stop yer whining, get down the Winestop!

NEVER MIND YOUR public sector cuts, student fees, IMF bailouts, galloping debt-crises and outrageous VAT increases – one of the most saddening effects in these times of austerity has to be the closure of the high street off-licence chain.

As we know, times of abject poverty were traditionally ameliorated by a trip down the local Threshers for a bottle of cheap plonk and a pack of slim silvers. Not anymore, at least for those living in other parts of the country, where many a local offie has been forced to close as a result of the credit crunch, and that.

Enter stage-right local entrepreneur and all-round nice guy, Kully Bains, for it is he who made the decision to swap his, quite frankly life-supporting business, the much-loved DrinkStop (serving Rogue Towers for many years when we were situated in Bancroft), and set up The WineStop situated slam-bam in the middle of Hitchin Town Centre.

Hurrah and huzzah, for we thought our cider-drinking days were over (or at least committed to a tedious traipse around Waitrose beforehand) – Hitchinites can now shop for great deals on booze, fizzy pop, fags, cigars and snacks whenever they’re in town. And if you don’t live near town, they’ll even deliver! For free! On orders over £10! – can’t say fairer than that can you?

So next time you’re in town and you’re thirsty or whatever, get down to the town square where Threshers used to be, pop in and say hi.

Check out the website at: http://www.thewinestop.co.uk

Join the Facebook for exclusive deals at: (link)

This tremendous plug was brought to you by the Rogue Top Performers’ Poll, of which the Winestop are proud sponsors.


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