MIXES | DJ Dog Latin – 2000-2003 Mix

CHECK OUT THIS mix by Rogue resident DJ Dog Latin.

Always a fan of mashing up the most diverse tunes, Dog Latin (aka Charlie Frame) takes everything from cheesy chart toppers to more obscure rock and electronica tunes to create a relentless mashup document of the early years from last decade.

“This started as an attempt to work through the entire decade from 2000 to 2009; 8 minutes a year so that it all fits on a CD.” said our intrepid beatsplicer, real name Charlie Frame, “It was exhausting as I don’t use anything more sophisticated than an old copy of Acid Pro, but if people like it I guess I could be tempted to finish it and do 2004-2009”.

Can you spot every sample? Click on the Soundcloud file below to stream or download.


1 Comment

  1. Charlie Frame is a muppet!! Thinks he knows about music but he ain’t got a barny- the cretin. People like him piss me off because he mis-informs the masses with regards to new music. Everyones entitled to their views but you shouldn’t talk about thing you clearly do not understand Charlie or you’ll confuse peeps and give them the wrong idea- understand Charlie??

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