MUSIC | Guest Column from Dan Furr of Audio Justice


A guest column courtesy of Dan Furr of Audio Justice

DEAR READER. Let me start this newsletter by apologizing for the shameful period of inactivity regarding ‘House of Cards’ album news updates. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d taken a break, or had somehow forgotten that I had a deadline to work to, or that I’d been kidnapped and held hostage in a Chinese bakery. Well, I’m afraid to say that none of the above is true. It has simply been a case of not having a huge amount to report on until now (but thanks for sending the search party out anyway).

Work has been slow but steady over the past few weeks. I’ve been in and out of the recording studio laying down track after track on the album, and each song fights another for inclusion on the final ‘House of Cards’ release.

In addition to the news item and and album update, I’ve uploaded a few more snaps from the recent album recording and playback sessions.

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Until the next time, adios amigos!

Dan Furr
Audio Justice


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