ASTROLOGY | Technical Difficulties

Today the Sun joins a retrograde Mercury in Virgo, so I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to any Virgo natives reading this, it should be an interesting month for you all! Be patient however, birthday cards may very well get lost in the post. Or that new phone may need to be sent back for repairs due to some kind of fault: Many happy returns!

Meet Sanchez. A member of The Rogue Collective; promoter and visuals-executive, born with the Sun in the sign of Virgo. Here we can see him busy tending to the video projection for the stage at Saturday’s Feck the 90’s night at Club 85, Hitchin. Despite the huge success of the evening, which included fine performances from Ministers Dead, Martell, and the fantastic Gideon Conn, proceedings were beset with technological issues regarding the visuals, which indeed reflects the current Mercury retrograde occurring in Sanchez’s native sign of Virgo. The picture was taken amidst the frantic clicks and futile reboots of the offending laptop, efforts that were sadly to no avail. Do not be fooled by his apparent cool demeanour; beneath this facade lies frustration, the kind of frustration only a machine can evoke in a human being. You can see (below) what we had to contend with for the first portion of the evening. In the end we settled for a generic media player kaleidoscope. Perhaps I should have forewarned Sanchez of the trickster’s pending plans, especially with his sign having front row seats for this particular retrograde. There’s something of the trickster in me though; having a retrograde Mercury in my own birth chart, I quite enjoy watching the chaos ensue around me during these flustered times of upheaval.


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