ASTROLOGY | Spring-on Mars

Welcome to the Equinox!

Today is officially the first day of spring! When day and night are of equal length, which also marks the beginning of another astrological year with the sun slipping from dreamy Pisces into the more focused sign of Aries.

Mars, ruler of Aries, goes direct after months of retrograde motion too. Things should really start to get moving, since Mars is the planet of action and always holds a stake in the proceedings with a seasonal push for all that is new! On the shadow side, this return from retrogression could mean months of pent up frustration comes bubbling to the surface, to erupt in the weeks proceeding, as there is a lot of raw energy in the pot – so watch for out for that! Hopefully, for most of us it means picking up where we left off towards the end of 2009, in terms of projects and activities that we were driving but, for whatever reason, they had to take a back seat. Nevertheless, Mars’ new sense of direction is set to amplify the incipient spring; a time rife with new beginnings, moving forward and – finally – not looking back!

The Mars retrograde cycle is analogous to reversing your car down the drive to pick up some forgotten item which was crucial to your plans. Forging ahead becomes waylaid because, naturally, you need to look over your shoulder to account for that really annoying blind spot, lest you mount the turf and wallop your prize gnome! (No, you do not have a rear-view mirror either; it was broken off during some late night hanky-panky when Mars initially entered Leo in October).  It’s quite a long driveway too; covered in gravel and riddled with pot-holes from the recent season’s snow.

So you’ve recovered whatever tool it was you needed and you’re looking dead ahead. Revving your engine, you change gear from reverse, eyes firmly fixed on your target! ‘Better late than never‘ you say under your breath… And it’s here we find ourselves, as Mars returns to direct motion. Tracks have already been laid during our hitherto attempted exit-come-reversal but, what would we do differently if we could do it all again? Expect to be retracing martian themes until at least May 2010.

On a personal note, I often wait in the wings with pent curiosity, to see how exactly each planetary transit might manifest. I already knew that Mars was in my 7th house, ruling partnerships and one-to-one affairs. It just so happened that on the day of Mars’ Station (the point where a planet appears to hang in the sky before resuming direct motion) I had an appraisal booked in at my office where I had the chance to air all of my laundry with regards to work (the timing of which was at the choosing of my superiors; maybe they’re all astrologers too, conspiring to correspond with the sky’s alignments. Trust no-one!). The outcome of said appraisal was that, going forward (!), I would work to become more pro-active and assertive (Mars) in getting what I needed from my colleagues (7th house) at the request of The Management (Leo: the leader).

How all this might play out for you, generally speaking, is revealed in the following horoscopes – depending on my ability to correctly delineate, but the sky-no-lie. Detailed chart analysis is strongly advised! should you prefer to get down to the nitty-gritty and pinpoint some key dates when Mars’ forward motion might really come through for you, let me know your particulars and I’ll look into it.

Along came Venus! The goddess provides you with a nice warm blanket for the coming weeks whilst your ruling planet, Mars, gets back on his war-horse, finally. Things are starting to move forward and YOU RULE with the god of war in Leo; it’s time to conquer, neigh? Pick a target!

A hush love affair, or clandestine financial endeavour is coming to an end; secrets are soon to be revealed when you’re ruler, Venus, comes out of hiding in your twelfth house. Mars’ direct motion suggests a few home improvements might be a way of channeling the raw energy coming your way too, or you might just charge like a steed at your spouse, only to get stuck in the wall!

Mars adds nitrous to the winged-boots of the messenger, so i’d better make this reading a warning to everybody else in the zodiac: If there’s any kind of fuss or kerfuffle in your neighbourhood in the coming weeks, it’s probably a Gemini. You’ll be out of there before they know what hit ’em though. Venus works magic in your wider world of friends and associates too!

Your fiscal faculties finally start to get the recognition they deserve this season. Don’t let the nay-sayers of yore convince you otherwise. That’s all in the past and shouldn’t matter now with stars like these. Your insights are second to none, so much so that you might give the author of ‘How to sell snow to the Eskimos’ a run for his money with a rival best-seller. Quite literally! Skills, my crabby friend, you got ’em!

A return to form is promised in terms of vitality, and your overall sense of well-being can finally improve. The only danger is, now that Mars has direction in your sign once again, you’re likely to push a little too hard after months of biding. May 2010 sees the clearest of skies, right in time for the chaos of the summer to follow.

“You don’t throw your life away, going inside” or so the John Frusciante song goes. Mars may just let you off scot-free this time around, so long as you’ve no skeletons in your closet. Either way, through peaceful contemplation or the Smack, Bang, Wallop of a meteorite arriving in your front lawn, it’s time to take stock and prepare, ready for the next exciting phase!

Not bad stars for a Libran, I have to admit. Venus suggests smooth sailing (and even treats!) in your most important relationships, whilst Mars’ return from months of retrogression heats up your wider social sphere. You’re being encouraged to take charge in a group effort, whilst keeping a keen eye on the collective temperature. Piece of cake!

Pro-vocation: a wordplay of my own doing, thanks! Really though, with Mars resuming battle-status where your career is concerned, you can make leaps and bounds in the coming weeks that feel all too long overdue. Patience in this realm notwithstanding. Breathe!

I think of a self-appointed Judge Dredd when considering Mars’ effect on you at the moment. But you are NOT the law. Then again “who am I to judge?” – there be your mantra for the coming season. The good news is you’ve an unmatched sense of adventure about you, which should be a delight for anyone in your vicinity to behold, so long as they agree wholeheartedly with every word that escapes your mouth!

The vacuum of space is fascinating. If you ever find yourself floating in the big black, be sure keep your helmet on wont you? It sucks so hard out there that the second the potential arrives for the vacuum to be filled, it will gobble up all it can, only to return to a state of emptiness, ready for the next victim. Something shared is most definitely coming to an end, creating a void to be filled once more.

The pressure signified from having all those planets in your sign until recently has lifted. Spring is a fresh start, full of new possibilities, and that goes doubly for you, having finally cleared the decks. Relationships come into focus now with Mars’ imminent return to forward motion, this being the major player in your life at the moment. Keep your cool where all things one-to-one are concerned!

Jupiter is quite happy to be in your sign for the next year; a place where he sees endless liquid opportunity. You could be spoilt for choice though, so much that it leads you into indecisive paralysis. Don’t dwell for too long. This is your year, and both Mars and Venus are giving you the green light to get things moving at work again.

A taste of springs to come

I’m off the Avebury now to welcome the spring in style: meditating to a giant gong!


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