THE LOWDOWN | The Mavis Krank

“HEY GUYS,” WE hear you cry, “we’re really psyched about your upcoming dystopian-themed live event, The Future Is Broken, but what are the bands like?”

Well, we’ve got a top line-up in store, incorporating the superb To The Moon, arcade mayhem from Monster Monster and of course the talented troubadour Tom Power.

But one band we’re especially excited to have grace the stage at Club 85 are the awesome power-trio The Mavis Krank.

Some of you may remember Brad Benford, bassist with those steam-punk psychos Droome who kicked things off at Rogue’s Victorian Ball.

The Krank are an entirely different beast, dishing out an onslaught of instrumental post-rock and metal designed to sear the skin off your face.

This video mash-up by talented editor Mark Garvey speaks for itself. Enjoy…

If you wanna hear more Mavis Krank, go visit their MySpace. Go on, do it!


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  1. Gotta admit I love this movie and think we should totally use it for the movie themed night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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