ASTROLOGY | Back and Forth. (Again!)


How’s the current Mercury Retrograde treating you all?… That bad, eh?

Have you noticed how Mr. Iceland bank person was reticent when it came to signing that compensation document? He’s now changed his mind! In true retrograde (Rx) fashion. I think perhaps he should have waited until this current phase was over, lest he regret his decision through public recrimination! Ooh, and what about all the transportation delays in the UK due to the snow? – how poetic that it should occur under another Rx. Watch out for the trickster this week, he’s a bit of spunk left in him yet! I also note how the media have revisited the Hudson plane crash from last January, which occurred during a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Turns out the pilot was born Aquarius too! The stars were not on his side on that day! It is often stated in text books how these Rx periods are times rife with going back over the old, reviewing, reflecting, re, re, re! Or just plain Mercury related cock-ups: planes, trains and automobiles; phones and computers; thinking, talking, learning, listening, etc.

We’re well over halfway now so I thought I’d revisit a couple of homegrown Mercury Rx stories from my blog. The following shorts formed part of articles written in 2008 and give you a taste of the sort of issues these tri-annual Rx cycles bring about in terms of communication, commerce and transportation SNAFU’s. (And as I write this my work’s IT department seem to be experiencing all kinds of little niggles!)

Let the revisitation commence:

“…Every month, for many months now, I purchase a season ticket for my daily travel to and from the office. This month my ticket decided to stop working in the turnstile: the magnetic strip had failed. I put up with this for a few days until I was advised to get my ticket changed for a fresh one. The inspector had the audacity to blame me for this, saying that It was due to my keeping the ticket next to a credit card in my wallet, something I had done for months with no issues whatsoever! So, off I trot to queue for a new ticket and, once down to the front of the queue, I couldn’t help but notice (via the medium of passive eavesdropping) that the guy in front of me had exactly the same problem. Turning around to banter this fact with the stranger behind me revealed he too had the same issue! Please, I tell you no lies. As a student of astrology I was delighted! As a commuter I was just late!”

“In early September [2008] a fire broke out in the Channel Tunnel, causing much damage, injury and loss. Mercury was still direct when the fire hit but transiting its retrograde shadow: the part of the zodiac it will eventually have to backtrack through in weeks to come, suggesting that the events during this waning direct motion will soon be up for debate. Lo and behold! On 24 September 2008, upon Mercury’s station retrograde, a power failure on a train warned of further delays to the resumption of normal service. Then on 29 September (5 days into retrograde) the government called for a ‘Channel Tunnel safety review’. Delays and reviews are common denominators when considering Mercury retrograde but there are even more astrological components at work here. Venus, for example, rules Libra – the sign where this retrograde is taking place and therefore Mercury in Libra will be taking his cue from Venus during this phase. Venus is currently over in Scorpio, associated with Hades (Pluto), lord of the underworld, traditionally associated with subterranea; tunnels! Channel Tunnels?

A planets ruling influence (in this case Venus in Scorpio ruling Libra) is always coloured by its disposition in the sign it occupies. Convoluted as this may seem, the astrology of this event gets even more intricate when you consider one of the classic Scorpio archetypes – The Phoenix – concurrent with the death/rebirth characteristic of Scorpio; rising from the ashes. Presumably ashes from a previous fire!  A bit closer to home and I was out for a drink. My local Old Town establishment was the subject of a sewage problem and subsequent digging in order to repair this fault was taking place, and had been all that day. Again: subterranea, tunnels – sewage? Enough!”

“…six days into retrograde and I went for lunch with a friend and the staff member serving seemed to get in a muddle over our order, charged me triple for two drinks and when it came to the price of our food he even defied that which was written in plain ink on the printed menu. His inability to assimilate the simple written word on that day had me most perplexed. I’d loved to have seen his horoscope. On day twelve I called a friend to see how a mix of a recent live recording was going only to be told it had been postponed until he had a new computer for his studio! I’m still waiting.”

A year on and I still don’t know what happened to that recording!

It’s not all fruitless folly though, this Rx stuff. If you’ve been putting off sorting through any files, papers, or backing up your HDD, now’s the time to get down on it. So clear out that clutter! Later, after Rx motion has ceased, you’ll be glad you did, I guarantee it!

– Dan


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  1. Astrology on RogueMag huh? Nice!

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