MUSIC REVIEW | Si Begg Vs Slabovia 8-Bit Orchestra – The Sound Of Guts

THIS REVIEW was originally submitted to Clash magazine, but didn’t make the press, probably cos of its ferocity. For what it’s worth, Si – we do like your stuff, but this does not a good album make.

Si turns his back on bad album review

Si Begg, one of those “ground-breaking”, “genre-defying”, “un-pigeon-hole-able” electronica blokes from the late ‘90s, has been roped in to producing this “LOL! R3tr0-chiptune no1zes!!” affair for the mobile game-app ‘Guts’. The futile marketing exercise of releasing this as a physical soundtrack might not have been Begg’s idea (no doubt he knocked it out in an afternoon to help pay for the winter heating – nice work if you can get it etc.) but why would anyone in their right mind feel we needed to hear this crap outside of a gaming context? There’s zero amusement to be gained from these Amiga squirgles and Tetris-block bleeps – not just because the faux 8-bit thing has been done and redone to better effect on countless occasions – but also because the music itself is about as welcome as toothache.

words by Charlie Frame


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  1. Charlie Frame I’ve listened to this album and your full of SH*T

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