ROGUECAST | Episode 1 – The Rogue Wireless Variety Broadcast


THE FIRST Rogue podcast is here!

To promote Rogue’s upcoming Victorian Fancy Dress Ball, we’ve put together a spiffing half hour radio show, presented by the formidable Lord Sir Colonel Henry Wooton-Bagley.


  • Chaos:Baby – HIV Barbie
  • Swanvesta Social Club – I Predict A Riot
  • Droome – Nighty Night [Live at the Kings Arms, Hitchin]
  • Aghast! – Bang to Rights
  • Lowki Vs Miss Twist – Silent Hill
  • Hazel Turnock Screaming Cockroach – Get Over Here And Fall In Love With Me
  • The Otters – Be Back Soon

CLICK HERE to stream the Roguecast directly from the net or right click and ‘Save’ to save it to your hard drive to listen to it later.

PRODUCED BY Dan Nicholls & Charlie Frame with thanks to Phil Power, Sound Arc Studios and of course all the bands involved.


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  1. […] out Chaos:Baby’s furious ‘HIV Barbie’ on Rogue’s Wireless Variety Broadcast, or visit their MySpace at for more […]

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