A FUNNY PAIR are Droome.

Possibly the most witty, inspired and surprising songs in all of Hertfordshire have come courtesy of the penmanship of Paul Bussey – the gaunt bard of Stevenage – as I’m sure he won’t mind being called too much.

Picaresque stories of adventure, mystery and not-so-mild peril are told with the conviction and passion of a man who has stared death in the face and lived to tell the tale.

Yet rather than burying these songs in grandiose orchestral layers, Paul – together with formidable bass player and partner in crime, Brad Benford – has chosen to present these Gothic sagas in a stark, acoustic context.

It really is all in the delivery – when an acoustic guitar, bass and a voice is enough to fill a room to capacity, why add anything else?

Dark illustrious stuff, for fans of the Cardiacs and Neutral Milk Hotel, as well as anyone who likes a good, inappropriate bedtime horror story…

Rogue are very proud to present Droome appearing live at Club 85, Hitchin for Rogue’s Victorian Ball on Saturday 21st November 2009.

Check out our exclusive live recording of Droome’s “Missing Chandelier”, live at the Kings Arms, Hitchin…


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