ASTROLOGY | Let Me See Your WAR Face!

Mars changed zodiac sign last Friday, moving from Cancer into Leo.  Rogue’s astrologer guides us through the twists and turns of the months ahead!

Mars_Leo_ingress_tall copyYes, the god of war has dried himself off and is back in more familiar territory – albeit still feeling slightly washed-up but happier nevertheless to be ashore once again, basking in the light of the Lions sunny kingdom! Cancer, you see, is a water sign and Mars, ruling Aries, is of the fire element. It doesn’t take a genius to fathom that fire and water don’t mix; they tend to have a detrimental affect on one another. This change is good news for Cancers, who can now relent from the steaming rage of the last 2 months. Leo’s too should be receiving a boost with Mars on their side; fire and fire is a much more reciprocal mix but can go BOOM if not tempered. So watch out for that.

Ye olde astrologists saw Mars as a predominantly ‘malefic’ planet in terms of its effects and therefore believed that it only ever portends bad tidings! These days, and since the advent of modern psychological astrology, our perception of any planet lends more to our own free will. Mars can indeed be a right nuisance if you let it but, if you take the bull by the horns, as it were, it’s energy can be put to good use. Mars represents our urge towards action, it pushes, achieves and get things done and is quite physical. Sports people tend to have a strong Mars in their charts (much research has been done on this) but on the shadow side so do tyrants and murderers as Mars can be violent, aggressive and downright belligerent if not handled correctly!

In terms of events in the world at large, the ‘energy’ of a planet as it moves into a new sign always seems more potent than during its general transit. Almost as if it’s making a song and dance of it’s arrival to a new domain. In Mars’ case there’s somewhat of a crash-bang-wallop effect, especially now, what with the sign in question, Leo, being of the same element (they also make good singers/dancers). I distinctly remember the last time Mars moved into Leo, about seventeen months back. There was a broad-daylight stabbing on Oxford street amidst the crowds of shoppers and commuters; Mars is traditionally associated with Ares, the god of war (violence?) and even rules sharp Implements (knives?); Leo is like the actress, craving the limelight and centre of attention (broad daylight! Hmm?). Here you can see, incidentally, how this blending of archetypes was played out. What about this time around? On 16 October 2009, the very day of Mars’ ingress in to Leo, you may have seen reports of a woman who became victim of an apparent IRA car bombing. Hello, Mars in Leo – Mars can also play usurper in a conflict – this time a bold (Leo) yet underhanded explosion (Mars). Bastard! No one ever said astrology was pretty.

Mars has decided to take an extended vacation in Leo, making lions of pussycats at the very least. Due to an astronomical anomaly known as ‘retrogression’ he will in fact spend a whopping seven months in this sign, compared to the usual two! Since the shift happened more than a few days ago now, it’s effects are already becoming apparent. I certainly felt it like the proverbial smack to the face, just as anticipated, but the way in which it will affect us all largely depends on our predisposition and where in each of our own skies Mars is reeking havoc:


And now for some cryptic fortune cookies – laced with stardust and baked at one billion degrees centigrade in an oven which also happens to be the beginning of time itself!

Fold your arms and stamp your feet all you like; rules is rules! Anyway, sport’s suppose to be fun, unless you’re pregnant!

There’s no place like home, especially when deserted by kith and kin, eh? Where do you get the temerity?

Rocket-boots is Mars’ gift to you. Socially you’re in good stead so put another pair on your Christmas list!

As quickly as you’re calming down, you’re becoming a bit of a show-off. Fair enough, flaunt it! Money burns holes too.

If ever there was anything as scary as a lion on fire, check yourself! Grrr. But if it gets the job done…..

Like a pressure-cooker that needs to let off steam, but trying to locate your nozzle causes you to spin, which in turn makes you dizzy!

The future is a white-hot poker; be careful where you sit. Tsssss!

You’re going straight to the top! Whether there’ll be anyone left to constitute a hierarchy when you’re through is your call.

Leave the big philosophical why’s and what for’s ’til the day you meet your maker. In the meantime, why not take a holiday?

Settle a fiscal feud with your beloved with a compromise and build your own porn empire! The bank might get behind you too! Ooh, ménage à trois?

People suck! But of course they care, it’s just for the next seven months they’ll have a funny way of showing it.

Someone’s pissing in your pond! It’s time to get ill. The government can save you now with a free swine-flu vaccination!

– Dan



  1. hi dan, cant wait till mars hit virgo, nothing more embarassing than watching the god of war pretentending to be a little girl, tantrums galore!

  2. I’ve heard much of Mars in Virgo. Sounds ‘orrible. I can think of a few people who i predict have this placement too!

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