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FARLEY’S Hair Salon is proof that around even the darkest cloud, there’s still a bright-and-funky silver lining. The Hitchin-based eco-salon was set up by husband and wife team Felix and Charlie Camfield-Walker, following Felix’s lucky escape at the hands of a near-fatal brain haemorrhage on the night before their planned wedding day. Clearly such tragic circumstances would shake the average hipster couple to the very core, but after only six months and a full recovery on Felix’s part they were at last joined in blissful matrimony with an ever-so-groovy place of haircuts in tow.

Outside Farley's

Don’t worry, Felix’s scrape with the big D hasn’t affected his deft scissormanship, nor his ability to keep the customer entertained with the best music being played over the stereo and the sharpest wit to hit the barber’s chair. It’s just about the only place in North Herts you can don a hairdressing gown and say “just make me look cool” without a perplexed look upon the snipper-in-question’s face followed by an attempt to hack off your ears in the name of fashion. Felix is a guy who knows his craft inside and out, refusing to dish out crewcut after crewcut and always tailoring his style to meet yours.

Felix cuts Jonny Look See Proof's barnet

Felix gives Jonny Look-See-Proof's barnet the works

But perhaps the neatest twist is that Farleys refuse point blank the use of any products that might damage the planet’s increasingly fragile eco-system – Charlie herself has gone to incredible lengths to seek out the best and least harmful shampoos, conditioners and styling products to be used in the salon – and there’s us thinking a green hair salon was somewhere that particularly snotty punk rockers go to get their barnets dyed.

While you’re waiting for your cut you’ll no doubt be well distracted by Farley’s awesome sideline of fashion accessories – from the latest shades, belts, handbags, rock’n’roll tattoo-inspired bits and bobs – as well as an awesome array of customised lo-riders, cruisers and chopper bikes for sale. Sharing premises with Hitchin’s Nearly Orange art gallery, there’s so much to look out for, you’ll be dizzy with inspiration.

Get Your Hair-Cuuuut!

Farley’s Hair Salon is located at 71 Ickleford Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Call Felix on 07920424426.

words by Charlie Frame


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  1. Indeed, possibly the only hair salon on earth I’ll gladly arrive two hours befor my cut just for a dose of the social a’la Felix vibes – Recommended!

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