Giving Blood pt. 2

I gave blood again yesterday and after a few hours took the plaster off. Walking into Sainbury’s, I handed over the money for my hummus and the woman behind the counter recoiled in utter horror at the track mark on my arm. Instantly she believed I was a heroin user! Why are we not at that stage yet where we associate people walking round with needle holes in their arms with doing some good for others by giving blood instead of automatically assuming the worse?

I’m willing to guess there are probably more heroin users than blood donors in this country…. I hope I’m wrong.

Pretty sure you don’t get that many smack heads in Saino’s though.

— Da Hui


1 Comment

  1. It’s like the time I had crumbs all down me and someone assumed i’d been eating crisps! They were Snackajacks actually mate!!

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