Rogue astrology vol.4 – Fish McNuggets

Rogue’s astrologer, Dan returns to see us through the final slice of the astrological year!

Thursday 19th Feb 2009 – Welcoming Pisces!

In terms of the zodiac, today is the beginning of a new month. Indeed the astro-geeks calendar would read ‘Thursday the 1st of Pisces’.  Happy Birthday to any fishes celebrating their birthday today (and hereafter) and commiserations too, for being born on the cusp of Aquarius; it’s hard enough for Pisces as it is (I imagine) to reconcile the paradoxical forces within, without throwing a third fork in the road to further stifle and confuse this souls’ journey!


I say this because birthdays on the cusp can evoke a kind of astrological identity crisis within people born straddling any two signs – owed to the irregularity of our natural cosmic calendar – which seems to shift its borders annually within a margin of about one or two days.  Some people – like my good friend Max, born on the Libra/Scorpio cusp – will be positively assured as to which sign they best fit and, even though in 2008 Max’s birthday fell within the boundaries of the scorpion, he insists on Libra as his rightful birth-sign.  Having known the guy for some years now I would happily corroborate his more soft and lovely ‘airy-fairy’ Libran traits over the more scalding, dark waters of our deep and mysterious Scorpio cousins. On the other hand some people will claim to simultaneously posses the characteristics of both signs adjoined by the respective cusp. Which is similar to the cosmic-plight of our Cod-father, Pisces:



‘A-ha this-a-way, a-ha that-a-way’ 
Pisces holds true two polarities of a universal dilemma; between the need to exist in the realm of the living, and a yearning to escape the limiting confines of the very same mundane existence! We can see this symbolised by the Pisces Glyph i which is similar to the two fishes swimming away from each other whilst their tails are forever bound by what looks like a thread; perhaps the very fabric of our concrete universe. This theme of ‘escapism’ is precisely why Pisces rules over things like music, film, drugs and alcohol, as well as religion, spirituality and institutions; hospitals and the like – all things which transcend an otherwise merely physical and fleshy – solely-subjective – human occupation because Pisces is also about deep empathy for humanity. Pisces is the place where we [attempt to] merge with the infinite and forget ourselves as lonely individuals.

Neptune, who rules Pisces in modern times, was the god of the sea: our fishy friends’ realm of residence. The interesting thing about water is: it goes anywhere and everywhere it can without question, permeating every nook and cranny it can reach, and almost entirely without volition, save for that of gravity and the ushering of riverbanks and dams. This is symbolic of Pisces’ urge towards the path of least resistance and the notion of ‘laziness’ so commonly associated with this watery sign but also intimates the huge scope of sympathy Pisces has towards his fellow man – all embracing compassion and understanding – having ‘been everywhere’ all at once like the one vast body of water that unites the globe, which we know as the ocean. This also endows Pisces with great intuition and the ability to synthesise mere facts and cold stats and turn them into something more fluid and meaningful (although the more earthy-types might consider this a bit of a wishy-washy approach!) and therefore Pisces is naturally associated with the poet and the creative muse, since intuitive and creative juices must flow like a river.

So Very Pisces
All of this doesn’t just go for people born with their Sun in Pisces either; everyone has Pisces (and its ruling planet, Neptune) somewhere in their birth chart and it’s here where we see these forces play out in a very personal way. It’s just that for Pisces sun-sign-people at least, these inclinations can sit at the very core of their being to varying degrees, which in turn makes for the best musicians, drug-addicts, carers and hospital porters of the entire zodiac! I would hazard that the more musical of you, even if you’re not strictly ‘Piscean’ will probably have some kind of emphasis of this sign and/or Neptune in your birth chart. Rogue-pundits might all rally to get Charlie Frame to disclose his full birth details to me as I feel there would be some interesting supporting influences in these areas being the loveable neo-music-Nazi that he is! Any of you heroin-addicts out there too, probably have some ‘hard-angles’ in your chart between these components, thus distorting your perception of reality – one of Pisces/Neptune’s potential dangers – moderation, please! However, let me know and I can have a look for you!

I quoted ‘laziness’ earlier because a very close Pisces friend of mine, Colin, recently highlighted this tendency within himself. Now, I know Colin as a very typical Pisces with a lot of Pisces in his  birth chart as well as a healthy dose of Aquarius too – which lends to our mutual ability to finish each others sentences and comprehend each other before words are even formed in our minds. My own astrological contribution to this relationship is having a Sun in Aquarius, Mercury and Mars in Pisces and Neptune in its own (12th) house (which altogether explains my affinity for all my Pisces brothers – Love ya!).Astrologically speaking myself and Colin fill in the missing Aquarius/Pisces components in each of our respective charts which results in a more complete whole made up of a shared, strong Pisces/Aquarius energy. In reality this makes us rather adept at waxing philosophical, spiritual, abstract, anti-establishmental and transcendental – not to mention all musical – and wax we will, well into the small hours. Let me not forget the much enjoyed/endured ‘substance-abuse’ over the years so characterised by our respective Pisces slants. (it was our shared love of melodic-hardcore-punk and hashish-bongs that kicked off our friendship some 10 years ago!)

I’m not lazy, you’re all just crazy!
I’ve come to like an idea that the 12 signs of the zodiac are actually a framework for the progressive evolution of a single soul. Starting with the young souls at Aries and moving step by step through each sign up to Pisces; the wise old soul. If this were true, do you not think, having witnessed so much drama and activity (eleven lifetimes worth), that this idea of laziness is born of an old soul just wanting a rest? Who also has a head too full of ideas from so many lifetimes, having walked every walk and being so indiscriminately sympathetic towards every single man and overwhelming possibility available, which in the end results in pure indecision, confusion and therefore inertia? followed by boredom and then perhaps a tendency towards escapism? Be it booze, bongos or Buddha? This is just an idea, a worst case scenario perhaps.

Now this could suggest a belief in reincarnation on my part but my own natal Mercury in Pisces seldom allows me to arrive at any definite conclusions about anything, for I understand how limiting and narrowing-an-effect absolutes can have on the human psyche (look at the Christians; check out the ‘Holy Wars’ – death, segregation – see?) the Jury is always out with me. This doesn’t mean that I wont play with ideas though. like an artist might continually rework a masterpiece that may never be complete or ever see the public light of day.

Recommended Piscean greats:

Mitch Hedberg – Comedian
Kurt Cobain – Grunge champion
Brant Bjork – Desert Rocker
Albert Einstein – Scientist
Billy Corgan – Pumpkin
Dave Gorman – TV person
Mark Thomas – Political activist, Comedian

It was my intention to see the astrological year out with some short fortune-cookie-style ‘scopes. A box of 12 astro-McNuggets if you will. It seems I got carried away (see above!). By the time we reach mid-March the Sun will be in Aries, so a new astrological year will be upon us. Yes indeed, life starts afresh once again with the onset of spring! I’m very excited about this and I’ve begun to notice a smatter of daylight lingering when I leave the office at 5:30 everyday; natures climb towards our (brief) sunny season. Joy!

. .. So, once again I have consulted the planets of our solar system to bring you these bite-size treats:

Treat yo’self and look yo’best! Clothes for your body and Grease for your hair. You’re the one that they want, ooh, ooh, ooh, honey! Happy frikkin’ Birthday! Also see above, that was all for you!

Aries ^

April’s on the horizon-ish. Here’s a head start since the rainy season is imminent, so stash some cash under the mattress; Mars speaks of friends having crazy-mad plans betwixt now and then!

Taurus _ 
Some sort of Sibling rivalry is on the cards. This means war! Pack your cupboards with budget lines of finger-nibbles; I smell a food fight! Wouldn’t want to waste the expensive stuff now, would we?

Let THEM entertain YOU! But by all means throw a party to celebrate the coming spring. Just be careful not to talk the hind-legs off of your veritable entourage of kindly donkeys!

Gambling sure does pay. Right now for you that goes doubly so. You’ll do so well in fact they’ll think your on The Real Hustle. There’s a job in it too so Play your cards right! (cough!)

I spoke to a Leo recently who mentioned their ongoing quest for paid work. The sun in Leo’s 6th house certainly does highlight this fact! And who said astrology was  a load of nonsense, eh? There is your focus for the coming month!

Fluffy love and funny friends, are what abounds as this month ends. So even if you feel sad, smile dear Virgo, you’ve such panache and style!  Something else concern’s shared resources, with nothing at all to do with horses!

I’ll let you into a secret. There’s a twenty-note down the back of the sofa but it’s not yours. Quick, go now! Mind that wrestle with the moral-aligator on your way downstairs though; you’re own conscience is all that stands in the way. I’ll stay well out of this one!

The sun graciously illuminates an ongoing focus on local activities. Play fair and this might just be a very rewarding time. Hot-headedness may just be your undoing but sell it as ‘enthusiasm’ however, and you’re laughing!

Whoa! you’re on fire, and don’t we all know it! Jupiter, you’re ruler, is in Aquarius all year but that’s an air-sign, not water, remember? You’ll burn but you’ll love it… and possibly go down in history as The Incredible Flaming Man!

You’re not seriously considering cosmetic surgery are you? If you must, may I advise DIY? Either way you’re bound to stand out amongst the crowd this month. It’s just you can’t trust all these trainees Uranus has coming out of the woodwork after the fallout of the recent recessions’ spate of unemployment!

Those little chav bleeders are out to smite you! I’d say hold on to something but they’re intent on kicking the walls in. Only the God of your chosen religion can protect you now!



  1. If you cannot see the astrological symbols after their titles, then your browser isn’t displaying windings properly! and it will probably look like erroneous letters after each signs name!

  2. neo-music fascist eh?

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