Giving and refusing blood – newest Da Hui Column


I give blood, I don’t brag about it or show off about it and don’t generally bring it up unless it comes up in conversation and still then I remain humble because I do it simply for the people who stand to benefit from it – yeah you knew I was gonna say that didn’t you. Well bugger off coz I’m writing this and I mean it and maybe I do it a little bit to keep my karma in check and to know I‘m doing something good, can’t hurt can it?

The thing is that I actually got a card through the other week from the national blood service for giving blood several times in a year… They sent me a card! With flowers on it and dodgy testimonies from blood receivers inside and everything!

In case anyone gives a shit I have a rare blood type and the only other person I know who has the same type is my lovely friend Sah who is originally from Korea – it’s that fucking rare. This however unfortunately mean that if either of us were ever hospitalised and haemorrhaging we would be epically screwed and would probably need to call on each other and sort out some kind of pulley system or something in order to keep both of us alive, and I tell you this right now I would gladly spend a few weeks unconscious in order to prolong the life of my friend Sah or even someone I didn’t even know simply because I think it is fucking amazing that we have this opportunity at all however the thing that has got me all wound up and using expletives is the fact that there are people out there who think what I do and the people who receive my un-clotted red efforts are wrong, and not just wrong, unholy!

People who actively refuse blood for themselves or their children such as the Jehova’s Witnesses appal me in their backwards attitude towards life and their shunning of modern medical miracles – I’ll even go so far as to say that the last person who believed so strongly in purity of race died in a bunker in Germany in a strong disagreement over politics with a large proportion of the world. I’m not stupid enough to make a direct comparison I’m just saying that stupid ideas infuriate me no end.

I do love some of the crazy aspects of different faiths I truly do, a rabbit that goes round giving out chocolate eggs for example – brilliant and the idea of washing before prayer and holding a blessing before a meal are fantastic instructions that enrich the experience of human life for me but I cannot imagine that in a modern world there could possibly be a deity that would shape their dogma in such a way as to allow a child to die when the ability to save it’s life.

Every holy text I have ever encountered preaches a reasonable amount of the idea that we should all live together and help each other of course this is on the bias that we all join whichever religion the text is preaching about at the time and help those who have already converted faster than the heathens but as far as my obviously short sighted and over simplistic nature on things go I believe that we were all made equal and definitely made from the same elements of skin and bone so what is impure about replacing a liquid that carries oxygen around your insides? Would you refuse to lend your neighbour a can of engine oil because he drives a different type or colour car to you? Exactly.

I’m sure of course that it isn’t as simple as this and growing up the child would no doubt encounter feelings of shame at being ‘unclean’ with someone else’s blood flowing inside them and may even have to face the idea that they were not supposed to live in the eyes of their god and lead a half life unloved even though there are people out there with pig’s hearts and mechanical pacemakers keeping them going but at the end of the day I would honesty rather see a hundred children living with a stigma that may actually inspire them to be thankful than to turn off one switch over those horrible plastic bubble cots that hold unhealthy babies.

I once gave a girlfriend of mine a vial of my own blood simply because having that in her bedside cabinet is literally the closest she can ever get to me when I am not there. It is also it has to be said a bit extreme and a fantastic dedication to someone and truth be told I like the fact that a hundred ‘I love you’s’ cannot even come close to literally giving someone a part of yourself and I think this is the same idea that comes across when you give blood because in most circumstances you will never know the person you help but the fact you do it at all expecting no thanks shows a love for life and it’s people that I’m sure you would love shown for you.

Some things it must be accepted are bigger and more important than faith and the main one is ‘us’ as a whole and what we can do for each other.

Disagree if you like, explain to me why I’m wrong if you have to, please I want to offend you because I would always rather spill the blood of an idiot than waste the blood of someone with good intentions.

– Da Hui.




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