/[kahr-muh] –noun

  Theosophy. the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’s deeds in the previous incarnation.

1820–30; < Skt: nom., acc. sing. of karman act, We all know what it means, to ourselves at least but to the person in the next room? The guy opposite you on the tube? I believe in Karma, I really do believe in karma and that good happens to good and bad to bad a lot of the time but the reason I believe in it is a bit warped because instead of karma being a separate thing to do with past lives or reincarnation I think that you instigate karma in yourself and constantly judge and measure yourself against this personal sliding scale of good and bad that you have set up in your head, if there was a good word for it in English it would be something like ‘Morals!’ and that as you’re the only person who observes all your bad deeds and thoughts you punish yourself accordingly by knowing that you are in the wrong and that you living below the standards you have set on you. I believe that your actions have consequences even when it is only yourself observing them, to do something you know is wrong or mean by your own judgement leaves you with just yourself to blame and even though people managed some biblical feats of ‘passing the buck’ onto others I still believe that deep down inside you know that you have done something wrong and you punish yourself with an stain on your self image, leading you to doubt yourself and your word, basically until you end up feeling like you’re a real cunt.

This process is two way however and so you can build it up whenever you do something good (excuse me if I’m being obvious) but the point I’m making is trying to move karma away from an external force idea, people talk about karma as if it were a little invisible wind that changed the world around you correcting the balance because it has seen you laugh at a fat person earlier and is now going to add half a stone to your weight overnight in big greasy chunks or has seen you hit your mate on the head for a laugh and will now open that cupboard door just a tiny fraction at roughly head height for you or whatever is your particular personal flavour of shit. I don’t like this view much as it seems to encourage Karma as just something that gets written on a scorecard as we go through life instead of a tangible feeling that has a direct effect on you because it is tied in with your actions and view of yourself I don’t see it as anything external changing and I definitely I see if at a decaying force on your own sense of self esteem and being out of balance with whatever values you hoped to achieve daily just to be a good person, usually the same values you check against other people in considering them rude.

Even if you stole that watch years ago and no one ever knew about it unless your morals justify this action you will always know you stole that watch.

I’m not saying castrate yourself slightly for every bad little thought you commit in your head because then we’d all be acting like catholic priests all the time and we all know how that turns out, I’m just saying that karma will get you if not as an external force than as an internal one. Don’t go out now and start helping grannies across roads they didn’t want to cross and throwing food at homeless people in order to get your karmic balance back out of the red zone, so much of this is subconscious the best you can really hope for is to make sure you notice and realise it may have some effect on how you see yourself and just steer yourself into a way of living your everyday life that allows you to feel good about yourself, it also affects how you perceive other people’s actions and words to you as well though but that’s just plain old self depreciation whichever way you slice it.

Although now I come to think about it I wonder how long I could save up brownie points before I was allowed to take a big dump in someone’s pint glass and walk away with a smile on my face?*

I understand of course that you don’t always have a set of morals that you choose yourself, some of the strangest people I’ve ever met in my life have been utterly conflicted over their own judgements and their parent’s imposed viewpoint on whatever subject is their particular ’sin’ but I’m trying to focus on every balanced individuals without a massive parental debt on their shoulders or some other controlling or imposed set of morals other than what is normal to that society, like for instance the people who would be reading this at some god forsaken hour at night or bored time during work. The point is by whatever standards there are you evaluate your actions and sometimes when you are bad you feel you can’t help it and this is ok I reckon as some people need to feel dangerous or sneaky and some people as we know need to feel cold and ruthless for whatever reason but the idea is to be able to look at yourself and know that you are focused on doing good, being positive and at least trying just because this will have an effect on you and no one wants to think of themselves that they are rude or simply don not try to live by any standard.

If you’ve ever read the portrait of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde (and you should) then you will understand that in the end no matter where we push our sins and blame to that in the end we all have to look at our own reflection sometime and I’m sure that is enough to kill some people or at least get lost in their own portrait.

Da Hui

– (As I was thinking about this in my head earlier I noticed one of the signs from outside a shop had blown over so I picked it up and re attached the front, picked up a few bits of loose paper and stuck them back on. No sooner had I done this and put it back to it’s correct position when a blind man walked round the corner with his stick and walked straight into it sending himself and the sign flying across the pavement )

And what does this teach us about karma… lol what do I know?

* Don’t be sickened I’m talking about a real smeghead here and it’s just an example.



  1. Ah yes! Karma – I like that you admit it comes from within and is not in fact an extraneous force! Carl Jung would call this ‘projection’ – when you mentall project something within yourself onto others, external events etc. in order to absolve yourself from responsability and blame. Indeed, we should all own our shortcomings, and accept them, heck, even love them! Good muse my friend!

  2. Thanks Dan appreciated

    -projection, yeah I tend to notice that trait in a lot of people and whilst I think it probably helps us cope and not go mad sometimes I see it as a real big problem that people have to face up to and accept their own shortcomings.

    – M

  3. Hey guys I noticed a strange correlation today between the movements of planets Saturn, Uranus and the whole Russel Brand, Johnathan Ross fiasco – click my link to read! x

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