Radiohead announce launch of ‘secret’ LP in ten days

Radiohead, having a laughAt midnight, and with little prior warning, announced that the band are to release their new album ‘In Rainbows’ on the 10th October 2007.

The album will be available in two formats – download or discbox. The discbox will comprise 2 x heavy duty vinyl versions of the album along with a CD version featuring a second disc of extra tracks. It all comes in a made-to-measure boxset containing all kinds of other interesting tidbits and costs £40. Not bad Radiohead, not bad you shifty buggers. But how are we supposed to afford to pay three times the normal price for your album eh?

If like many of us you find forty smackers a little hard to part with there’s always the download option which is based on contribution alone. That’s right – the first disc in the boxset on MP3 for whatever loose change you have scraggling around in your jeans’ pocket.

The download will be available from the 10th of October and the discboxes start getting shipped out on 3rd December. So whether you’re an international oil magnate with a lust for miserablist avant-rock or the closest thing to a tramp with an internet connection, you could be owning ‘In Rainbows’ by Christmas.

To pre-order, get your fingers clicking at


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