Comics – Introducing Phil Power

Now that eccentric cartoonist Phil Power’s comics are online for the first time, we catch up with him and ask him what took so long.

“I get fed up with it sometimes,” sighs Poole-born Phil Power, “people I’ve never met come up to me in the street and ask me how tall I am, and I tell them. But you don’t see me going up to people and asking how fat they are or how they got so ugly.”

At 6’8″ it’s hardly surprising that people can’t help being taken aback or at least letting their curiosity getting the better of them. “I don’t know how much it’s affected my take on things mind you. My whole family is remarkably tall and we all have a strange sense of humour – maybe these things go hand in hand.”

This is the first time Phil’s comics have appeared publicly. “I don’t draw these things for anyone’s enjoyment, I draw them out of boredom really. Occasionally I’ll draw something for a friend, but usually it’s just to keep myself occupied.” Indeed, the majority of Phil’s strips are written on ripped out pages of a notebook, on office stationery, or on the back of kebab house leaflets . Bizarre, surrealistic situations are represented in biro with words scrawled out in lowercase.

“I like to get the ideas out quickly. I don’t like to spend an awful lot of time drawing each panel. Better to concentrate on the timing and the expressions of the characters. There’s no point in redrawing them because that’s no fun for me.”

“I’m not that hot on the internet, which is why I never thought of putting these up until I was forced to by my so-called friends. I use the internet to chat about swords and to look at nudey pictures but apart from that I’d rather get out and about, go for a walk, you know.

RogueMag is proud to present Phil’s first appearance on the web with a cartoon from last year, ‘Who’s Your Daddy’.

Click on the thumbnails to read it.

Philip Power – ‘Who’s Your Daddy’

Copyright 2007 Philip Power

1                                    2

Copyright 2007 Philip PowerCopyright 2007 Phil Power

3                                     4

Copyright 2007 – Philip Power

Like this? We’ll be posting more of Phil’s work very soon.


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  1. Genius – i laughed so much a little bit of wee came out. Please post up more!

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